A Calendar Featuring 13 Real People Gone Raw

In 2007, I discovered raw food and it transformed my life and my health for the better. I wanted to get the word out about the benefits of this beautiful and simple way of life. I believe raw foods help you to get in touch with yourself in a very profound way. Sort of a butterfly metamorphosis… at least that’s what it felt like, and then I wanted to share this peace and happiness with others! I called upon my dear friend and artist Nick in Halifax to help me create Raw Beauty 2011.

The logistics of the project have been a very challenging experience and finally seeing it coming together is very rewarding. The volunteers who so generously bared it all for this project…for this lifestyle that they believe in were all amazing wonderful people! We were blessed to have each and every one of them share their image and a part of their soul to inspire us and everyone who sees the calendar this coming year!

This project has no corporate agenda and no advertising.
The images are 100% real.
5% of the profits go to Organic Athlete.

I hope that the simple recipes and beautiful subjects inside can inspire health. If you want to share your love of raw with the ones you love, consider giving them this little gift.