About Us

Nick was just minding his own business, building his photographic empire, when out of the blue… WHAM…. his good friend Tanya calls him up with a great idea for a project. Well, actually, she sent me the document she made calling for models, and this was confusing, but iI quickly pieced it together.

Me and Tanya first became aquainted at the University of Alberta, where we were both rocking the hell out of the fine arts program there. We quickly discovered that we were of the same mind when it came to what is beautiful. So when it came to working on this kind of project together, it was a clear and easy “yes”.

When not engaged in outstanding personal projects like this calendar, Nick often finds himself helping agencies and advertisers in the Maritimes rock the hell out of images for their ad campaigns. You can see some those fruiits in his online folio here: