How to Put Lipstick on Dry Lips?

Not every lipstick that doesn’t dry lips can be easily found! If you choose to use poor quality lipstick, unclear origin, toxic ingredients, there is a high risk that you might suffer from dry lips sooner or later. Finding the best lipstick for dry lips is therefore important to address genuine, reputable, and quality cosmetic distribution.

How to Put Lipstick on Dry Lips

Use appropriate lipstick to help lipstick not dry lips

It might be a nice thing to buy expensive lipstick from famous brands but when it’s a drying one, you run the risk of irritating your sensitive lips with the harsh chemicals in it. 

Dry lips may often happen if you use lipsticks that are too dark, or too matte. 

With that said, it is necessary to choose the right lipstick.

Exfoliate regularly to apply lipstick to dry lips

Dead skin that has not been cleaned for a long time will lead to peeling, dry, and very unsightly. This is because the layers of dead cells overlap and peel off according to the body’s excretion cycle. So regular exfoliation is the simplest way to avoid dry lips.

How to Put Lipstick on Dry Lips

Invest in a specialized lip scrub to regularly exfoliate your lips 2 to 3 times per week. You can also make your own homemade exfoliating blend by mixing brown sugar with honey which will have the same effect on removing dead skin at the same time moisturizing and softening your lips.

Applying lip balm regularly prevents lipstick or dry lips

Everyone knows the effects of lip balm, but not everyone remembers using it daily. Applying lip balm is a good thing to do especially during the hot and dry summer while sitting often in front of the air conditioner. In the cold winter, apply lip balm to prevent dry lips.

Alternatively, you can mix gently between cream and lip balm, then apply to lips using a tissue for the mixture to gently absorb. In this way, it will help thicken your lips covering the cracks or peeling skin under the dry lips. Moreover, it also helps in enhancing the mattifying effect of the lipstick you apply.

Remove makeup thoroughly at the end of the day to limit dry lips

The frequency of using lipstick is inevitable. However, one does not realize that such frequency leaves a considerable amount of lipstick residue if not thoroughly cleaned. Due to this, the lips will be dull, flaky, and extremely uncomfortable. In addition, the lipstick residue forms a layer on the lips preventing the absorption of nutrients from a lip balm.

To avoid dry lips, make sure you remove your makeup thoroughly at the end of the day with a professional makeup remover solution. Don’t be afraid to invest in an oil-based makeup remover especially if you like using a matte lipstick daily.

Increase consumption of nutrients to avoid drying of lips

If we do not absorb enough nutrients and are lazy to drink water, surely the whole body, especially those with sensitive lips, will suffer serious consequences.

The easiest way to apply lipstick without drying lips is to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily. 

Also be diligent in eating foods rich in antioxidants or natural fats such as nuts, dark green vegetables, fish, avocado, etc. 

Use help from the dryer

If you find that your lipstick is too dry, apply it under the dryer for a few seconds, soften it, and spread it over your lips with a brush. Alternatively, one can apply the lipstick directly and still be able to control the shade of lipstick by focusing on the upper and lower lip.

Use your fingertips to gently apply lipstick all over lips, repeat this step until the right result is achieved or as desired. 

For those with dry lips, create a thicker, darker lipstick to conceal your imperfections.

Use a lip pencil or a cotton swab

A lip liner helps you keep a “lip shape”. However, if you want to create a natural look, use a pencil or a soft cotton swab to line your lips. 

For best results, move the cotton swab a few lines around the edges of the lips. In this way, the lips will look softer.

Use a concealer on your lips

How to Put Lipstick on Dry Lips

This is a great remedy for those with dry lips that is usually caused by using matte lipstick too often. Take note that the concealer should be applied after the lip balm.

By using concealer on your lips, it will create a protective layer for it. When used together with a matte lipstick, it will be lighter and will not result in drying out your lips.

In addition, concealer will help conceal traces of skin flaking on the lips, cracks, and imperfections. 

Make sure that you choose a concealer with high moisture levels.

Also, pay attention to removing make-up thoroughly after using a matte lipstick. Make sure to use a specialized makeup remover especially for your lips to effectively remove it.

Take some time to “transform” it

Preparation materials:

  • A lipstick brush, a matte lipstick (colorfast, long-lasting).
  • A few drops of essential oil. This essential oil shall be used in combination with cosmetics, can be used in foundation, concealer, or blush.


  • Cut a small layer of lipstick (if it is a lipstick) or use a brush to remove it until you have enough layers of lipstick to use (if it is a cream lipstick) and put in a clean cup.
  • Put 1 drop of essential oil on lipstick and mix it with your brush, then try it on the back of your hand and wait for 15-20 minutes. If your skin is not irritated then you can use it.

With this method, you will not have to worry about revealing defects on your lips. In addition, applying the right matte lipstick will help you conceal your chapped lips.

How Long to Wash Your Hair After Balayage?

People like to have beautiful hairs and they apply various kinds of things to make them beautiful. One such thing is balayage. People have confusion that whether they need to wash the hairs before or after dyeing. Hey also have no idea about the length of time they have to wait after dyeing the hairs. Some specialists suggest that they should try purple shampoo, which is considered as best shampoo for balayage hair. Let us know about the waiting time after the implementation of balayage. Along with it, we will also discuss about the products that should be used in order to wash the dyed hairs.

How Long to Wash Your Hair After Balayage?

Waiting time after dyeing the hairs

Washing the hairs is a part of dyeing. People must take care that they should not wash the hairs after returning from the saloon. The saloon staff does not state the time of washing the hairs after dyeing but it is a good option to wait for some time before washing the hairs. If people will take a shower, there will be no effect on the color of the hairs.

Frequency of washing colored hairs

If the hairs have been dyed for the first time, people have to schedule the washing routine. This will reduce the frequency of washing the hairs. A lot of pigments are used to dye the hairs and they can fade away if the hairs are washed more often. It is better to wash the hairs with an interval of two to three days.

If people have used bleach before coloring, then washing the hairs should be avoided. This is so because the scalp is protected due to the presence of oils in the hairs when they are being dyed. People also need to follow the instructions mentioned on the label.

People may choose any color for their hairs. They always have to think about maintaining the texture of the hairs and schedule the washing accordingly. The natural hairs are dry in comparison to other types of hairs so people should wash them once a week after dyeing.

If the hairs are fine, they should be washed after every alternate day. This is so because the sebum glands produce sebum and oil, which make them flat.

Products to be used for washing hairs after dyeing

People should not use the regular shampoo after dyeing the hairs. Special types of shampoos, conditioners, and other products are available which people can use to wash their colored hair. Hairs are damaged when they are dyed. The surface of the hair, called cuticle, can become chipped and hairs may look rough and dull. This may result in fading of the color with time.

How Long to Wash Your Hair After Balayage?

There are many shampoos and conditioners that people can use for dyed hairs. People must check that the products they are using are free from sulfate. These shampoos will clean the hairs in a gentle manner and there will be no harm to the color and shine.

The task of the conditioner is to repair the cuticle of the hair. The protective layer of the hair is repaired and they will look smooth and shining. If a person does not color the hairs frequently, he can use a toning shampoo and conditioner while washing the hair. These products are good for all types of balayage. Purple shampoo is considered as the best shampoo for balayage hair.

Effects of hot showers

Hot showers may damage the color and they can become less vibrant. The color of the hair fades because cuticle is opened because of hot water. Cold water has the tendency to seal the cuticle and there is no color leakage.

If people have to take a shower from hot water, the hairs should not be exposed to it for a long time. People need to wash the hairs for a few minutes. After having a bath with hot water, cold water should be used immediately to prevent the fading of the color.

There are many chemicals available in the colors, which can make the hairs dry. The moisture present in the hairs makes them look vibrant and the color shines a lot. If a person uses a conditioner once a week, this will also retain the color and shining for a long time. The hairs will look fresh and shining.

Things causing fading of color

There are many more factors that can lead to the fading of colors and these include exposing the hairs in sunlight for a long time. This case applies to the people who spend most of the time in sunlight at the beaches. It is better to cover the hair if such a thing is planned. The hairs can be covered with a scarf or hat. People should also wash their head after coming out of swimming pool. The hairs should be washed with a shampoo to provide nourishment. The most common chemical present in the swimming pool is chlorine, which can make the hairs brittle.

The colored hairs are sensitive to heat so people have to protect the hairs when they are using styling products. In order to protect the hairs, people can use heat protectant spray in such a case. This will prevent drying the hairs and damaging the color.

Using dry shampoo

How Long to Wash Your Hair After Balayage?

If people do not want to wash their colored hairs often, they can use dry shampoo. There is no need of water to apply the shampoo. This will protect the cuticle and will also keep the color intact. People just have to sprinkle some of the shampoos on the hair and they can leave it for a day. The next day they can wash the hairs again to clean the shampoo.

Wrapping Up

Frequent washing should not be done after the hairs have been dyed as the color can fade out. People also need to take care that they should not wash the hairs ion hot water for a long time. Sitting in the sun is also not a good thing as heat will damage the cuticle and color will fade out. If people are in a swimming pool, they have to wash the hair with a shampoo so as to retain the color.

Is Black Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

tea pregnancy

Since natural teas include any warm water infusion made from any plant aside from the tea plant, it’s hard to generalize about the security of organic teas throughout pregnancy. Since some herbs can function as powerful medications, it is best to seek advice from a professional herbalist or other health care professional before taking in a powerful medical herb, or any organic tea in high dosages. Much like with anything, small amounts is the key.

There are some herbs which are believed to be useful throughout pregnancy. Some herbalists have suggested ginger to deal with early morning illness, as ginger can be efficient at dealing with queasiness. Thus you can drink tea while pregnant.

Do not fret and do not believe excessive:

Tension always has a negative influence on the body, and with all the messages in the media and other info sources about what a woman must or must refrain from doing throughout pregnancy, it’s simple for pregnant women to end up being stressed by fretting excessive about what they must or should not be consuming or consuming.

Similar to a lot of things in life, it’s best to not believe too hard about it, and to use small amounts and good sense. Whether you’re pregnant or not, an excess or severe of anything, whether tea, caffeine, or any food, drink, or medication, is going to be harmful to your health, even when more moderate quantities are absolutely safe. Practice small amounts and stop considering your diet: listen to your body and remain relaxed.

Can pregnant women drink green tea?

Maybe you have asked yourself if it is useful to drink green tea throughout pregnancy or if there are phases in life when it is much better not to consume it or to reduce its usage. The response is that it is not absolutely contraindicated to drink pregnant green tea. The key depend on the caffeine that, consumed in a specific dosage would be hazardous, specifically for the health of the baby.

tea pregnancy

Can you take green tea in pregnancy? It is not that they can not drink pregnant green tea, throughout the 9 months of pregnancy or another drink with caffeine. You can do it, however you need to pay very close attention and care in the quantity you consume of tea in pregnancy daily.

According to some medical studies, the caffeine in green tea can:

Reduce the natural capability of folic acid absorption. Folic acid is a crucial nutrient that acts in the first 3 months of pregnancy. The most plentiful antioxidant found in green tea, the EGCG catechin that has a lot of advantages reported in other cases, is the reason for the low absorption of this nutrient.

Reduce the absorption of iron. This mineral is necessary for the development of red cell, so taking green tea in big amounts can reduce the typical absorption capability of your body due to the existence of tannins.

What can pregnant women take?

Can you drink infusions and natural teas throughout pregnancy? Obviously, experts say that in general, natural infusions and organic teas are safe and helpful throughout pregnancy, as long as the intake is not extreme (more than 2 or 3 cups).

The tisanes and infusions of medical plants have plenty of active components that can assist the pregnant woman to minimize stress and anxiety, tension and minimize queasiness and throwing up particular of the state.

The most significant downside of drinking green leaf tea while pregnant is because of the caffeine content. Doctors always encourage their pregnant patients to restrict their consumption of caffeine.

While you do not need to cut it out totally, it is for the much better if you do. How does this affect those women who take pleasure in the health advantages and taste of green leaf tea?

Talking with your doctor about the supplements that you need to take while pregnant is very important. Ask your doctor if there is a particular limitation to what type of multivitamin you need to take and ask if it is all right to take a supplement with natural extracts consisted of in the components. This would consist of a natural green tea extract.


Many individuals drink coffee every day. Many of those people are simply learning they are pregnant and have to pick a decaffeinated brand of coffee. This is the same with green tea or any other sort of tea. The very best way to get this natural active ingredient without the caffeine, however, remains in an organic extract.

Should You Moisturize Your Face at Night?

Actually, moisturization is one of the excellent methods that every individual requires in their skincare routine. If you have dry or oily to normal skin, then you want an excellent moisturizer that will surely hydrate your skin and also stop it from fetching excessively splintered and dry. Unluckily, if you do not moisturize, you will have minimal shine and also your skin will appear dull. If you have oily skin, of course, moisturising will not only hydrate your skin, but also stop sebum from being over formed in a power to hydrate the skin itself. From night masks, night creams, night serums and the list drive on. Now, there are several products available for the night time. The major reason is that the skin is diverse at night than it is during the day, i.e. morning.

Should you moisturize your face at night?

Necessity of moisturization at night

Usually, the best Japanese moisturizer will be specially designed to hydrate the skin. The moisturizers can perform this by holding the water on outer layers of your skin. Hence, this is essential to make sure that the cells on a top layer are hydrated and also works more effectively. In addition to, the moisturizers can also provide you the extra benefits of safeguarding your skins moisture obstacle, which can be impaired by the ecological nuisances. You will also want to use a right moisturizer depends upon your skin type to obtain the utmost profits.

Why should you use moisturize at night?

Improved absorption

During night, the blood flow in your skin, face and body changes. When this occurs, your skin transfers more blood to the skin. This enables the ingredients in your skincare products to work great, because of its ability of skin to captivate the products develop.

Skin works tougher at night

At the night time, the cells in skin can interchange the dead skin cells. They can simply perform this by separating as well as delivering the new fresh healthy cells. Your moisturizer has also hydrating the ingredients, which would support this process beside.

You can utilize the photophobic products

The photophobic products are basically the products that work uniquely, while exposed to the sunlight. These products contain Vitamin C, which is a wonderful ingredient for the skin. It also highly supports in the creation of collagen that surely keeps the skin appearing flexible and young too. Unluckily, wearing the Vitamin C products out in the sun will not allow it to work as it can.

Based on the formulation, this would make your skin very sensitive. But if you utilize a moisturizer with Vitamin C at night, you will definitely obtain the enormous benefits without even have to hassle on the sun damaging sun or altering how the Vitamin C works.

How can you moisturize your face overnight?

If you can, you must utilize the best Japanese moisturizer. This will lift up your skin, while it is vigorously working tougher to enhance your skin overnight. Actually, there are different kinds of ways available to moisturize your face overnight. These products can include night masks, night creams and also use a humidifier at night. Therefore, be sure to obtain a great night sleep daily by using this overnight product.

Do you actually want a night cream?

Of course, a night cream is necessity to use every day. Having the best moisturizer is specially designed for the night time, which would further support to reproduce itself. Normally, it is thicker and has a lot of nutrients that are specially designed to support with reproduction. Even some of the night moisturizers are also created to be a great companion to your night products. This could be in a form of night moisturizer, which works well with your Vitamin C cream, retinoid cream or anything, which builds your skin more sensitive. When you are looking to purchase the best Japanese moisturizer, here is a useful buying guide to you:

  • Select a product that is properly hydrating
  • Look at how the ingredients are united
  • Choose a product that makes you feel great while applying it

Hence, the Japanese skin care products are well-known for it’s effectively, quality and innovatively and the user can get best result while using it regularly.

Why You Want to Use Lip Balm?

Everyone loves using lip balm for the summer days and winter moments. Cover the the lips with a more wet color. Soften the crust up and make people see you in the best of lights. Make lips glare with the wind. Lip balm doesn’t have to be colorful. You can go with the natural lip color you have right now. There are many colors for you to use. Even, best lip balm for men. Won’t have to worry about someone questioning your sex preference. You are free to wear lip balm anywhere with current lip balm technology. There are more reasons why people use lip balm. Learn about this by reading below.

best lip balm for men

Make Skin Heal Fast

Your lips need to healed fast. Lips are made of skin that is thinner then the skin on your arm. Probably, did not know that. Men who plan to be outside should wear a little lip balm. Hey, you could drink water to hydrate your lips regularly. But, if your like me who doesn’t feel like doing that, I suggest you pull out some lip balm and apply a little to your lips. Use the best lip balm for men for a more lasting effect. All skin will heal fast in addition. Meaning, you could use this same lip balm to heal small burns and cuts you have from work. Great way to make all skin problems go away.

Protects Lips for Long Sun Days

Lip balm is wonderful for long beach walks. It gets hot out there on the sand. Sometimes, it gets so hot to the point where you have to go to the bathroom to hydrate your lips. Prevent your lips from getting hydrated by applying lip balm to your face. A little amount can stop intense UV light from hitting lips directly and balance the moisture of your lips. A perfect balance of lip beauty would make women notice you on the beach more. You want to get notice more? Make your lips bloom with a little lip balm. Won’t be a waste of money if the women are looking at you.

To add, you can use lip balm on your sunburns. Being out in the heat for long causes sunburn. Apply lip balm to red areas to make the skin heal faster. The burn will not heal up instantly, so give it some time and look for some shade. Personally, it can wait til the end of the day for you add lip balm. I don’t think you should use it while your at the beach. Healing up now will not stop more heat burns you get for continued sun bathing. Be smart, wait til you get home to apply lip balm and watch a movie. Try not to lay on the burn area. It needs a few minutes to heal with the lip balm.

How to Apply Lip Balm On Lips

Using lip balm is easy as saying 1 and 2. First step, take out the lip balm and twist the knob on bottom. Then, go to the mirror and apply a small amount of lip balm on lips. One swipe over the lips should do. So do not put more than one unless you feel you should. Too much lip balm can make your food taste bad. Avoid, by applying one swipe of lip balm on both lips. Also, make sure the lip balm is not touching the part that closes when you eat. The parts where the lips are close should not be spreaded with lip balm. Put the lip balm on parts above the middle crack of your lips. This will make sense when you apply lip balm to your lips. Have fun and remember the one swipe rule.