How Long to Wash Your Hair After Balayage?

People like to have beautiful hairs and they apply various kinds of things to make them beautiful. One such thing is balayage. People have confusion that whether they need to wash the hairs before or after dyeing. Hey also have no idea about the length of time they have to wait after dyeing the hairs. Some specialists suggest that they should try purple shampoo, which is considered as best shampoo for balayage hair. Let us know about the waiting time after the implementation of balayage. Along with it, we will also discuss about the products that should be used in order to wash the dyed hairs.

How Long to Wash Your Hair After Balayage?

Waiting time after dyeing the hairs

Washing the hairs is a part of dyeing. People must take care that they should not wash the hairs after returning from the saloon. The saloon staff does not state the time of washing the hairs after dyeing but it is a good option to wait for some time before washing the hairs. If people will take a shower, there will be no effect on the color of the hairs.

Frequency of washing colored hairs

If the hairs have been dyed for the first time, people have to schedule the washing routine. This will reduce the frequency of washing the hairs. A lot of pigments are used to dye the hairs and they can fade away if the hairs are washed more often. It is better to wash the hairs with an interval of two to three days.

If people have used bleach before coloring, then washing the hairs should be avoided. This is so because the scalp is protected due to the presence of oils in the hairs when they are being dyed. People also need to follow the instructions mentioned on the label.

People may choose any color for their hairs. They always have to think about maintaining the texture of the hairs and schedule the washing accordingly. The natural hairs are dry in comparison to other types of hairs so people should wash them once a week after dyeing.

If the hairs are fine, they should be washed after every alternate day. This is so because the sebum glands produce sebum and oil, which make them flat.

Products to be used for washing hairs after dyeing

People should not use the regular shampoo after dyeing the hairs. Special types of shampoos, conditioners, and other products are available which people can use to wash their colored hair. Hairs are damaged when they are dyed. The surface of the hair, called cuticle, can become chipped and hairs may look rough and dull. This may result in fading of the color with time.

How Long to Wash Your Hair After Balayage?

There are many shampoos and conditioners that people can use for dyed hairs. People must check that the products they are using are free from sulfate. These shampoos will clean the hairs in a gentle manner and there will be no harm to the color and shine.

The task of the conditioner is to repair the cuticle of the hair. The protective layer of the hair is repaired and they will look smooth and shining. If a person does not color the hairs frequently, he can use a toning shampoo and conditioner while washing the hair. These products are good for all types of balayage. Purple shampoo is considered as the best shampoo for balayage hair.

Effects of hot showers

Hot showers may damage the color and they can become less vibrant. The color of the hair fades because cuticle is opened because of hot water. Cold water has the tendency to seal the cuticle and there is no color leakage.

If people have to take a shower from hot water, the hairs should not be exposed to it for a long time. People need to wash the hairs for a few minutes. After having a bath with hot water, cold water should be used immediately to prevent the fading of the color.

There are many chemicals available in the colors, which can make the hairs dry. The moisture present in the hairs makes them look vibrant and the color shines a lot. If a person uses a conditioner once a week, this will also retain the color and shining for a long time. The hairs will look fresh and shining.

Things causing fading of color

There are many more factors that can lead to the fading of colors and these include exposing the hairs in sunlight for a long time. This case applies to the people who spend most of the time in sunlight at the beaches. It is better to cover the hair if such a thing is planned. The hairs can be covered with a scarf or hat. People should also wash their head after coming out of swimming pool. The hairs should be washed with a shampoo to provide nourishment. The most common chemical present in the swimming pool is chlorine, which can make the hairs brittle.

The colored hairs are sensitive to heat so people have to protect the hairs when they are using styling products. In order to protect the hairs, people can use heat protectant spray in such a case. This will prevent drying the hairs and damaging the color.

Using dry shampoo

How Long to Wash Your Hair After Balayage?

If people do not want to wash their colored hairs often, they can use dry shampoo. There is no need of water to apply the shampoo. This will protect the cuticle and will also keep the color intact. People just have to sprinkle some of the shampoos on the hair and they can leave it for a day. The next day they can wash the hairs again to clean the shampoo.

Wrapping Up

Frequent washing should not be done after the hairs have been dyed as the color can fade out. People also need to take care that they should not wash the hairs ion hot water for a long time. Sitting in the sun is also not a good thing as heat will damage the cuticle and color will fade out. If people are in a swimming pool, they have to wash the hair with a shampoo so as to retain the color.