What Inspired Us

What Inspired Us

The Raw Beauty calendar project was brought together under the mandate:

Raw, Natural, Accessible, Simple, Honest


The recipes in Raw Beauty 2011 focus on the unifying cornerstones of the raw diet: Living fresh ripe fruits and vegetables. The results are delicious and incredibly nutritious.


The volunteer models featured in the calendar are all practicing raw foodists. The un-airbrushed images showcase the real natural beauty they’ve achieved through the raw food lifestyle. A short biography will introduce you to each of them. These are real people like you.


The diverse group of participants, men and women ages 18-62, represented in the calendar showcase the idea that it’s always the right time to begin gaining health and wellness. Try adding a little more raw to your life and see how easy it is. Anyone can do it!


Created for everyone, the recipes call only for simple pure ingredients available in markets everywhere, use the most basic kitchen utensils (an ordinary blender or food processor are all you need) and are quick to prepare.


We believe that it is vital to protect the environment that provides these fundamental living foods. Raw Beauty 2011 is printed on FSC certified recycled paper using vegetable based inks, to ensure that any environmental impact is minimized.

In addition, 5% of the profits collected from the sale of this calendar will be donated to organic athlete whose mission is to promote health and ecological stewardship among athletes of all ages and abilities by sharing information, building community and inspiring through athletic example. Visit www.organicathlete.org for more information.